We Add Languages in All Softwares

Spanish - English for each tool

and French, Italian, Portuguese on RXFutbol

New Functions and Tools

Texts, T-shirts, Animations, Technical Gestures

Training elements and workspaces

More Speed and Simplicity of use

Developing New Interfaces

and improve image and video quality

Remote Technical Support

FREE For All Active Licenses

during the 365-day duration


We develop tools that cover

all training needs.

Since 2006 we have been working with Coaches, Clubs, Federations and National Associations all over the world in 5 languages.

Technical assistance guarantee

Remote support and online training are available at no additional cost.

Keep your work safe

Your plannings in original format for reuse, exportable to PDF, JPG and MP4, saved on your computer and with no file limits.


We expand and improve all features

Image Quality

The quality of your presentations makes your professional skills stand out.


Futbolpro3D software generates photorealistic exercises maximizing the hierarchy of your work. We add technical gestures in players, goalkeeper actions, T-shirts, and much more...

2D and 3D Animations

Create drills, plays, operations, and conceptualize your entire game model.

Videos and PDFs

Export your workouts in all formats and view them on Networks, Mobiles, Tablets. FutbolPro3D Drone Mode is similar to a 2D board with the highest quality.

Database Management

New Sports Management Software integrated to database.

Training Evolution

Control all the information of each player and his sporting evolution, with no squad or players limits. Information sheets, injuries, assists, and match monitoring.


Design each of the sessions and upload them to PDF with the information you need.

Combines The Tools

Upload your exercises to the session templates and you can print all the training weeks. They are also stored by date with all the assessment and references that you used.

Performance Control

The tools allow you to adapt the designed and animated 2D and 3D exercises to your needs.

Training and Competition

Monitoring performance in competition and training allows the evolution of field work. Performance reports are a very efficient graphical way to analyze the process.

Video Analysis

Complete your professional work with Video Analysis Software.

Tactical Analysis

Editing and animating tactical marks is critical to coaching work. You have a simple tool that generates MP4 video clips with graphics and animations.


What is included in the subscription

RXFutbol 2022?

1 RXFutbol2D-3D Annual Software License

2022 Versions

1 FutbolPro3D 2022 Annual Software License

+ Individual and Collective Simulator

1 Annual Sports Management Software License

Version 2022

Access to Training Exercise Pack

250 Original Exercises 2022